Becky Marshall

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I've launched my Kickstarter!

Badass Body Piercing Keychains. Available in earrings, lip rings, and the mighty vulva! Click to check out my campaign and enjoy the video. Thanks for your support!

A sexy display of keychains in the shape of body piercings, earring, lip ring, and clitoral hood piercing, where the hoop earring is the key ring.
a spinning color wheel, where each color is made of dice.
A messy electronic circuit on a table, with an Arduino.
A digital hexagon pattern made up of smaller colorful hexagons.
A portrait of a woman wearing leopard print, faux-fur epaulets.
Under-desk storage furniture featuring a hammock-like swing for your backpack.
A photograph of a man in a speedo swimming in a pool with his arms in front of him, shot from above.

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